Unfair CHKO - Expansion


Unfairs modular replayability offers a fantastically flexible, replayable and valuable framework for solo play. In solo games of Unfair you play with any pair of the now 14 theme packs, to create a very different game each time, with unique mechanisms and cards and a range of new strategy combos to try. That offers an incredible 91 variant games in Unfairs first solo play mode. In solo play you build your theme park as usual, while the solo AI Quinn takes actions to hoard various cards from the market by following a simple flow chart. Both you and and your out-of-control theme park hoarding solo rival AI Quinn can use events to attack each other or defend against attacks with points to be gained or lost as you do so. This makes for an interesting puzzle against which to build a theme park good enough to beat Quinns changing score.

  • Good Games Publishing

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