Path of Civilization


Youll find all the ingredients expect in a civilization game, such as an array of technological evolutions, major events, wars, wonders, leaders... From the very first second of each game, players are confronted with choices that have consequences impacting the rest of the game Choosing is giving up Your decisions will forever change the History of Humanity. Select the four Technology cards you want to use this round and discard the fifth card forever. Use the cards on the left to send your agents on missions to advance philoso- phy, build new wonders or recruit influential leaders. Use the cards on the right to obtain research points and discover new technol- ogies and their bonuses. Solve a Humanity Challenge or take on other players in a major Battle to earn victory points and rewards. Each phase of a turn is played at the same time for all players. Path of Civilization has been developed to optimize playing time. This means you can enjoy all the sensations of a civilization game in less than 90 minutes. The combination of Challenges and Battles itself represents over 2000 possible configurations, not to mention the fact that players will only use a part of the available Wonders and Leaders. No two games will ever be the same. Included is a solo mode. Confrontation with a planned game system with configurable difficulty leading to a total of victory points total to beat.

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