MLEM Space Agency (Engels)


Let me take you on a journey to the year 2075. Once cats took over the world, they set their sights on a new horizon - outer space The cream of feline specialists now vie for cosmic dominance, their determination unmatched. It's a fierce race, full of catnip-powered pranks and missiles shooting into the sky Who will triumph in this epic race, put their paw print on the galaxy's infinite treasures and become the true cosmic conqueror? MLEM: Space Agency is a board game for the whole family where you step into the shoes of intrepid captains of cosmic expeditions. But wait, these are no ordinary explorers - they are cats These intrepid animals have long conquered Earth with their unmatched courage, and now they are setting their sights on conquering the entire universe. But their clumsiness can lead to chaotic catastrophes. Get at the helm of a cosmic rocket, reach for the stars or trust your cat instinct and jump out before things go up in flames. Fame and admiration from all over the mewling world await the most extraordinary leader of the feline space agency. Get ready for an adventure that is truly otherworldly

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